How to Select your Wedding Photographer – Our Top Tips and Questions to Ask

Photos by Siempre Weddings

You photographer is an incredibly important part of your wedding day as they will capture every moment and it will be the only record of your amazing day so you revisit this in years to come. We think is extremely important that you really like your photographers and have a great connection with them as they spend most of the day with you.

Tips for Selecting your Photographer and Key Questions to Ask:

  • Always ask how much extra sides will be in your album as the a lot of photographer’s packages normally only include 20 sides and an album is normally made up of between 40 to 60 sides once complete.
  • Always meet the photographer that will actually be their on your wedding day either at the initial meeting or at the final meeting to make sure you click.
  • Also check how many hours they are hired for against you wedding day timeline and double check the time the photographer will leave after the formalities such as speeches, cake cutting and first dance have finished.
  • Always do a final meeting
  • If you have two photographers – ask if they can send one photographer to the Bride’s location in the morning and at the same time send the 2nd Photographer to the Groom’s house so the boys don’t have to get ready so early.
  • On the wedding day, Have the Bridesmaids get into the their gowns first so they are well presented in the getting ready photos while they help the bride into her gown.
  • The night before the wedding always make sure you lay out all your special items such as your invitation, earring, bracelets, garters, wedding dress and veil, wedding rings, perfume etc in a central location so that the photographer can easily access it, so he does not need to disturb you while you are hanging out with your tribe.