Hosting Your Destination Wedding in Australia

For many couples, a destination wedding is the ultimate celebration of their love, where all their friends and family come together and “switch off” from daily life for a few days. It’s easy to see the appeal, however, for those planning a wedding during the pandemic, things have become much more complicated.

Far-flung locations might be out of reach right now, but thankfully, Australia boasts an embarrassingly abundant array of natural beauty. The dream of a destination wedding can still be a reality — it just needs to be a little closer to home.

We spoke to Blue Nile, the world’s leading online retailer of diamond engagement rings, to share our best tips for planning a destination wedding in Australia.
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Choose Your Location Carefully

Given the ever-changing restrictions, we would suggest you potentially choose a destination within your state in Australia. This will give you the best possible chance of your nuptials going ahead without too much disruption.

If you would like more people to attend, we suggest a location that is within 2-3 hours drive from your city. Alternatively, if you want to have a smaller wedding perhaps choose a location interstate. You will most likely find your guest numbers will drop as soon as flights are involved.

Do Your Homework

Couples should always make sure they read the contract and particularly ask about their cancellation and postponement policies in relation to Covid.

Always find out what current guest numbers you are allowed under the current government restrictions and would make sure the couple is happy with the number, just in case the restrictions are not lifted by the time the wedding comes around.

Consider sourcing a venue that can facilitate a sit-down event, as buffet and cocktail events are tricky at the moment due to current restrictions.

Some of our Favourite Destination Wedding Venues within Australia

Terrara House, Nowra, NSW

Terrara House is a 17-acre Estate in Nowra in the Southern Highlands which boasts endless ceremony locations including a 100-year old fig tree and heart vine garden. There is accommodation for 20 guests in the heritage-listed home, so the venue is perfect for an intimate occasion.

For larger events, either a marquee can be created or there is a converted barn called Chesters (which will be completed shortly) that can have a reception for 80 guests. Terrara house has one of the best Bridal Suites we have ever seen at a venue in Australia!


Photo of Terrara House from their website

Photo of Wolgan Valley from their website

One and Only Wolgan Valley, NSW

Wolgan Valley is an extraordinary place located about 3 hours from Sydney in the Blue Mountains. The website does not do this location justice – it is like you have been transported to a whole other world.

The property has some incredible ceremony locations and the original homestead makes a beautiful reception location. The accommodation is stunning — each villa has its own private pool and the food is exceptional. For the ultra-exclusive wedding experience, the entire resort can be booked out so you have complete privacy for you and your guests.


Intercontinental Hayman Island, QLD

Hayman Island is a 5-star resort accessed by a short luxury boat ride or helicopter ride from Hamilton Island in Queensland. The resort has an array of ceremony locations such as Coconut Grove and the Stella Maris Chapel and some exceptional reception locations such as Bam Bam Lawn or Formal Gardens. They have a number of different types of accommodation on the island from Hotel rooms to Beach Villas.


Photo of Hayman Island from their website

Make it Personal

The pandemic doesn’t have to put a gloomy cloud over your wedding. Find fun ways to incorporate sanitizing your guest hands such as sanitizing stations with a menu of different hand cleansers made from botanicals.

You could create a little excursion for your guests to enjoy while they are at your venue. Such as visiting the local wineries if you were at Terrara House or go for a horse ride if you are at Wolgan Valley, or go on a boat ride if you are at Hayman Island.

Complete the weekend by inviting your guests to welcome drinks the night before the wedding or a recovery brunch after the wedding (or both) so your family and friends can get to know each other!

Whichever way you choose to celebrate your wedding, remember the most important thing is the love you share and the commitment you are making. Keep your focus on what matters and it’s sure to be one of the most memorable days of your life!